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Pyureti music productions

Professional Entertainment Services for your venue or next event.

Great for Parties, B-Days, Bars, Clubs, Venues, Special Occasions, Private & Corporate Events

If you're looking for top-quality entertainment services for your event, party, or occasion - Pyureti Music Productions offers the very best! We know how to get a party going with amazing entertainment that is sure to be the highlight of any event you're planning.

Hire us to host Karaoke, Visual Party Games, Photobooth Services & more for your bar, club, event or even at your next party at home. Pyureti offers an array of entrainment for you and your attendees to make your event memorable!

Services include:

Professional Mobile Karaoke

Photobooth Kiosk with Multicolored Lights

Pub Trivia & Party Games

Social & Energetic Host(s) if needed

Set up and Tear down included

Party Lights by request

Self-Powered Electricity and WIFI if needed


Plain Envelope Line Style

We Karaoke!

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Pyureti music productions

Now offering

Now offering





Sing your 💜 out using the music industry standard for pitch correction and vocal effects to sound your absolute best!

Sing your 💜 out using the music industry standard for pitch correction and vocal effects to sound your absolute best!

Group of people singing on karaoke night at a bar


100,000+ song library in multiple languages

Printed Songbooks

Digital Singer Sign-up

Background music between

singers and throughout event

Customized event poster and playlist

Memorable video keepsake

4 wireless mics with AUTOTUNE

2 Speaker Sound System w/ Subwoofer

Optional Singing/Rocker/Rapping host(s)

Small tv for on-screen lyrics for singers

Projector and 100 inch

screen for audience if needed


200+ games (up to 50 players)

Displayed on existing TVs or our screen

Use your phone as a game controller

2 speaker sound system

Some games in our catalog are

Uno, Split the Room, Are You Smarter

than a 5th Grader, Finish The Lyric,

Throwback Party, Survive the Internet,

Hearsay: Spicy Edition, You Don’t Know Jack and many more!


Ringlight photo/video kiosk

Multicolored lights

Background removal by AI

Photobooth Attendant

Mobile and Social photo sharing

Props, mustaches, and hats

Sequined backdrop if needed

Variety of Digital backgrounds to choose from


Don’t hesitate - book now! Pyureti put on a fantastic night for my University. She worked hard to find all songs, her technology was great, and was so lovely. She even sang a song for us at the end which was a treat for us all as she is a professional! Thank you❤️!

- Chelsea (Metro Detroit)

Pyureti Music Productions/Karaoke made my party a great success. They are professional, on time, friendly and got the party started and kept it going. I highly recommend them and will use them again.

-Suzanne (Beverly Hills)

I had a wonderful Karaoke experience. The music selection was great and the sound production was terrific! My favorite part of this experience were the hosts. They were phenomenal and provided a friendly atmosphere.

- Sam (Long Beach)

Man, this company came through and turned up my party so hard. I didn’t really know what to expect since the party was at my apartment but they created the perfect vibe. They had every song we requested and it was so dope that they had autotune. I usually don’t sing but I did some 90’s r&b jams and future. Autotune had me sounding right lol

-Mershawn (Inglewood)

This duo knows how to do a "Karaoke Party!!!"

From the opening song until the last note of the

evening this is a great value for your money. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a really fun time.

-Mike (Pasadena)

Pyureti electrified our venue for the ENTIRE night! They kept the party alive and truly made our night one to remember! You will not regret booking this great duo!

- Juan (San Diego)

I had an amazing time yesterday singing karaoke to my hearts content. The production team was professional yet loose and fun. They continued to ensure everyone was included and having the best time possible! Can't wait to work with them again!

- Quinn (Los Angeles)

I am genuinely grateful for the beautiful night that Pyureti provided. The event allowed each individual to showcase their divine qualities, resulting in a truly successful night. Pyureti's video captured all of the magic within a concise 8 minutes. Thank you!

-Dolby (Thousand Oaks)

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Pyureti music productions


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